Golden Everlasting


Dimensions:   approx. 800cmH x 1000cmW x500cmD

Materials:   Xerochrysum  bracteatum  (Australian native Daisy), Gridded Radiation Mask, Mirror, Plywood, Acrylic Paint.


The sculpture Golden Everlasting is a commemoration celebrating lives lost and to reflect on love, life and memory.

Golden Everlasting is a place of reflection where community can interact and consider solitude, with the realisation of our physicality and fragile reality embedded within the illusion of confinement.

Looking at the ephemerality of life symbolic of the ‘everlasting flowers’ shows expressions of love and grief and raising questions of life, loss and spirituality.

We long for lingering visual reminders of personal memories with well wishes toward the dead and gratefulness of survival especially when we seem unable to escape the tragic and unexpected.

Golden Everlasting

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