Die Back

Die Back Series – 2020 

Lake Mulwala sits on the border of New South Wales and Victoria located near the town of Yarrawonga. Lake Mulwala, a man–made reservoir created through the construction of the Yarrawonga Weir across the Murray River, The weir was constructed in 1939 to provide water for irrigation of the surrounding district.

This area is very familiar to me as I have travelled here often, camped and constantly been inspired by the constant changes of light and atmosphere creating an eerie mood especially with the dead trees as they stand as sentinels over the altering of watercourses and changes to the landscape

The series ‘Die Back’ hints at the unease and disquiet of what’s impending. Directly responding to environmental degradation, mismanagement and the ever changing notion of how the Australian landscape is viewed.

Nature nurtures us and in turn we need to nurture Nature.

Die Back Series

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